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Goats Haunt Gear packs are made by a caver in Bozeman, Montana named James.  James learned the basics of sewing by helping his Mom as she outfitted the family in Frostline gear during the 1970's. From kits that had all the pre-cut materials she made down jackets, sleeping bags and other outdoor gear that accompanied James on many trips.

James is very interested in the technical aspects of those things he makes and sells.  He even has patent 6,233,743 for a specialized ski mittens he has made to help disabled skiers hold on to adaptive ski gear. How many other people can come up with a patent on a mitten?  James likes to make sure that his designs are sturdy, durable, and functional in a way that is thought out from all angles.
As a caver, backpacker, and back country skier he's learned to appreciate gear that is functional, durable and as light as possible. With that in mind he began making these cave packs.
These packs have volume of about 725 cubic inches and a roll top closure like a dry bag. They can be worn either way: up as a backpack or slung over one shoulder.  With the addition of two carabiners the pack strap converts quickly to a tether for ascending.
They are available in pvc truck tarp fabric in a variety of colors or in lightweight 500d Dyneema fabric in Black with white rip-stop cross-threads.
The PVC packs weigh 364g, 12.8 oz. available in red, orange, yellow, blue, and green.
The Dyneema packs weigh 196g, 6.9 oz. Currently available only in Black with white rip-stop cross-thread.


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