Unique Lights

Unique lights, as listed.
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Manufacturer: El Work

All items are NEW, not refurbished or used.  Offered as special one-time items only.


1. Rescue with old (grey) cord. Functions fine, but doesn't cosmetically match. [$425]

2. Rescue with quirky Spot switch (Flood is normal). Switch works at 1/2-3/4 press, but not full press. [$400]

3 & 4. 2x Rescue with short cord. Total length = 16" from lamp to battery (normal = 25"). These should be fine on most helmets, but might be a bit short for some to route internally. [$415 each]

5. Gnoma with very short cords. Total length = 13" from lamp to battery. This is too short for most helmets, but works fine for headstrap or maybe a child/small woman's helmet with external routing only. [$210]


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