Neutral white ElSpeleo Gnoma 1500 Package.

ElSpeleo Gnoma 1500
cart variant

Manufacturer: El Work
Powerful 1500 lumens
Package consists of:
  • Gnoma 1500 with GoPro helmet mount.
  • Battery case compatible with Li-ion 26650 rechargeable cell.
  • AAA and AA battery adaptors included.
  • Batteries and charger NOT included. 

This version has:

  • TRIPLE nichia 219 @ 4500K neutral white 92 CRI (world's highest color rendering index, best for professional photographers)
  • High quality switch with 5 modes of light.pwm frequency is 18kHz.Lamp is magnetically neutral.
    • to turn on press and hold 1.5 sec, half press to change modes, 
    • to turn off press and hold 1.5 second. 
    • When turned off with battery connected, current draw is below 1uA.
    • Lamp restarts at  previous setting.
    • Brightest setting steps down automatically after ten minutes to prevent overheating. 
  • LED battery status green/red indicator @ 3.2 volts; designed for visibility without removing helmet.
    • Low battery alert below 3 volts by flashing once every 5 seconds.
  • Full weatherproof  design IP68 rated, momentarily submersible to 3m (10 ft).
  • Optics for caving, climbing, running, skiing and seeing your own feet
    • hot spot  25° + very wide spill 120° 
    • wide angle beam is perfect to combine with your outdoor camera


  • CNC aluminum crafted headlamp and battery housing, black anodised 
    • Full compatibility with GoPro systems including head straps, helmet mounts and bicycle mounts.
    • Lamp mount pivots more than 100 degrees for many situations.
    • Cable between lamp and battery shell is high quality and flexible.
    • Without cells weighs 200 grams (7oz.).


  • Lamp compatible with many types of cells including:  Li-ion 26650 & 18650,  3x AA or AAA rechargeable or alkaline.

 The best caving light on the planet.  Used on expeditions in the deepest and longest caves in the world. Made by Cavers for Cavers.




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