Neutral White ElSpeleo Rescue 2200 Package.

ElSpeleo Rescue 2200
Charger Upgrade

Manufacturer: El Work

The Rescue 2200 Light with Charger and battery. 

The package consists of:

1 ElSpeleo Rescue 2200 Neutral White (Cree xp-l 4700K)

1 7000mAh protected Panasonic Li-ion battery (Best Li-ion available!)

1 1A Li-ion charger, USA plug (free local adapter included with orders from EU, UK, AU/NZ)

 Mounting hardware to screw onto hard-shell helmet. GoPro compatible mount.

This light has been used on many Lechuguilla expeditions by many different people and on those trips averages 3.5 to 4 days per battery when using reasonable settings. 

This version has:

  • Full flood 1200 lumen
  • Tight spot 1000 lumen
  • Two push button switches. Long press on/off short press to change mode4 led battery voltage status
    • Each LED independently controlled.
    • 5 levels each. 36 possible combinations.
  • Waterproof to -40m. Not for deep diving use.
  • Temperature limited @70 degrees C
  • Voltage controlled380g for lamp, case and battery.
    • When low, goes to half power to save capacity
  • Exterior waterproof charging connector, only open case to change cells.

The best caving light on the planet.  Used on expeditions in the deepest and longest caves in the world.


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