Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can both flood and spot modes be used at the same time?
    • Lunatic and Rescue models: Yes.  Gnoma: there is only one beam.  Earlier models: No.  
  • How do I tell if my battery is charged?
    • The charger will indicate whether or not the battery is fully charged.  There is an LED indicator on the charger that shows red or green.  Red means charging, green means charged.
    • The Lunatic and Rescue models each have a set of LEDs that indicate current capacity.  The Gnoma has one LED that changes color when the battery level gets low.
  • What are the burn times for each light and battery?
    • We have several models, each uses a different battery, and update each model and battery capacity regularly.  In addition, there are around 25 brightness modes each on the Lunatic and Rescue and 5 modes on the Gnoma.  It is not reasonable to offer runtime estimates.  We can say that on the lowest settings each model will run for weeks.  The Lunatic and Rescue will run greater than 30 minutes on the highest setting (unless stepped down by thermal regulation) and the Gnoma will run longer on high.  
  • Can I trust the charger to give a full charge?
    • Not always.  Sometimes the charger will indicate a full charge at about 95% of battery capacity.  If it is absolutely necessary to have a full charge (rather than 95+% charge or so) it is a good idea to disconnect your battery from the charger and reconnect. If the LED still indicates green, you should be good. However, I have occasionally seen a green LED change to red and charge for another hour or two after disconnecting and reconnecting!
  • How do I know when the battery charge is used up?
    • Your light will flash in your current mode or step down to the next lower mode. 
  • How do I change light modes?
    • Lunatic: quickly rotate the switch forward or backward to change light levels.  Hold in either direction to turn on and off.
    • Rescue: quickly press either button to change light levels.  Hold the button to turn on and off.
    • Gnoma: quickly press the button to change light levels.  Hold the button to turn on and off.
  • Is the light waterproof?
    • Lunatic: Yes.  It is dive rated to 60m.
    • Rescue: Yes.  The light and battery are waterproof to at least several meters.  The connector on the cable between them is rated to 1 meter.  That means the head lamp is waterproof, 100% splashproof, 100% dustproof.  This is not a dive light, but you have nothing to worry about with plunge pools or other normal caving activities.  If you are creative, you may even be able to depth-proof the connector.
    • Gnoma: Yes-ish.  The light is waterproof, the battery case is water resistant.
  • What LEDs are used?
    • Lunatic and Rescue: XM-L Cree led emitters.
    • Gnoma: Nichia
  • Is the lamp thermally protected?
    • Yes.  If the lamp gets too hot it will automatically step down to a lower setting.  However, when I was testing the brightness settings, the lights sat still in a 67F (19C) room next to each other and had no thermal issues, even at 1000 lumens.  At the highest setting the housing was warm to the touch, but not hot.
  • Is there anything special I need to do while carrying the light in my pack?
    • It is a good idea to disconnect the battery from the lamp when carrying the light between caves.  This prevents accidental battery drain.
  • Do you have any planned modifications to the design?
    • This light is continually changing.  Since 2012 there have been more than 7 models, and each has had several modifications/versions.  Please feel free to contact me using the form on this site if you have specific questions.

  • Are the packs waterproof?
    • No.  The PVC packs are water resistant but not seam sealed so prolonged submersion will leak through.  The Dyneema is similar to cordura, so even less water resistant than the PVC.

  • Are you able to ship outside the US?
    • Yes.  We have not found a location that we can't ship to.   99% of the time we use standard post (United States Post Office and the associated international transfer from that method) because the rates are far cheaper and delivery times are not much longer.  The only catch is that Li-ion batteries have some restrictions on their shipping and I need to fully investigate your situation before sending.  The down side is that the insurance in standard post is only good for the domestic part of an international package so there are some potential issues with that.  Clearly, if you have questions you should send them to me via the contact form on this site.


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