MicroUSB Charger

USB Charger for elspeleo Li-ion batteries
USB ChargerUSB Charger
Manufacturer: El Work

MicroUSB charger for the elspeleo Li-ion batteries.  This allows you to charge your elspeleo from any MicroUSB source!  The intent is to allow expeditions to use solar charging stations to charge a reserve surface battery, then top off their elspeleo at night.

First connect the battery to the USB charger and then connect the charger to your power source.  The charger will work only if your battery has less than 80-90% capacity.

This is a 1 amper USB charger and your USB port needs to provide 1A or higer. 

Note that you still need the adapter cable that comes with your system.  The adapter allows you to interchangably use any charging device. You also need a USB to microUSB cable.


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