About Que Ver

Que Ver (pronounced "caver") is Spanish for  "what is there to see?"  What better name for a business selling cave lights?  

 I am a caver.  My name is Doug Warner, I live in Montana (USA), and I am an NSS Fellow and Life Member 41724.  Over the last 30+ years I have caved all over the world.  I LOVE expedition and project caving.  I have surveyed in some of the longest and most beautiful caves in the world on trip lengths from a few hours to over 9 days underground.  I have explored from desert to alpine caves, hot and dry and cold and wet, even ice. Limestone, gypsum, basalt, alabaster, and some combinations.  Tight and crawly to booming borehole, horizontal and vertical.  I have been to the bottom of a nearly 1500 meter(!) deep cave, the 14th deepest in the world, and have spent over 9 continuous days underground in Lechuguilla doing virgin survey.  I understand the demands on cave gear.  I know it needs to be impossible to destroy but priced knowing that you will destroy it and need to replace it sooner rather than later.

I did not set out to sell caving gear.  I set out to replace my high quality but commodity head light.  For the ump-teenth time.  My last one was purchased in mid-2011 and "high end" at 225 lumens, but only adequately bright enough and had a beam pattern that was too much spot for walking AND seeing the cave.  It also had a switch failure, leaving only the high setting, meaning that survey sketching caused repeated flash blindness.  It lasted for a total of less than 10 cave trips!  

I did the research and found a limited selection of actual, high quality caving lights.  I ended up contacting a Croatian friend from an expedition I was on in 2011 who used a light that did not appear on my list.  From there I learned about Jeja and his amazing ElSpeleo lights.  I ended up buying the first light Jeja sent outside the Balkan and South Europe region.  One thing led to another, and I ended up as an importer!  We now hope to have an increased production and the ability to have a quick turn around in the US and Canada.   In the last 5 years we have sold more than 30 different models and versions of these lights.  This is an ongoing prototype refinement to get the best caving light ever! 

Que Ver--What is there to see?


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