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ElSpeleo caving headlamps are the brightest LED headlamps available. They are made for the most demanding dark environments on the planet: caves. Waterproof and dust proof, as well as impact resistant, these lights are trusted by cavers across 6 continents in the deepest and longest caves in the world. The ElSpeleo headlamp line is entirely hand made in Europe to the most exacting standards in small batches, allowing frequent updates to the latest technology.

Each ElSpeleo model uses separate CREE LEDs to provide a flood light and a spot light. The flood light is used to navigate an environment most naturally using your entire visual field. The spot light is used to see objects at a distance. Each mode is independently controlled and each elspeleo model has a variety of modes allowing for maximum brightness to lower levels optimized for longer battery life, including week-long expeditions.

The new ElSpeleo Rescue 2200 has independent switches for a 1200 lumen LED flood light and a 1000 lumen LED spot light. Each LED has 5 levels of brightness allowing for 36 possible combinations including "off/off".

Be sure to check our Parts and Accessories page for new additions. We are adding new options all the time.


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